In 2002, Glen Park purchased stud White Dorper rams and ewes with a view to establishing a White Dorper Stud. This decision was based upon the strong market demand for meat sheep, which thrive in the pastoral environment of South Western New South Wales.

The Glen Park White Dorper Stud was registered in 2003. Currently there are 1500 purebred ewes in the stud. Embryo transfer programs are conducted throughout the year using our elite ewes. Embryos have been imported from South Africa to provide the stud with a genetic outcross.

White Dorper Characteristics
Easy care, minimal maintenance, high lambing percentages, and excellent fodder to meat conversion rates. The White Dorper lamb grows rapidly and attains a high weaning weight. A live weight of 36-40kg can be reached by the Dorper lamb at 120 days. White Dorpers are able to obtain these weights in pastoral conditions.

As well as breeding our own sires, a number of sires are purchased annually to keep genetics moving in the stud. This ensures that ram clients don’t have to worry about the risk of inbreeding in their commercial flocks.

Glen Park White Dorper Stud

2017 Glen Park Dorper and White Dorper Auction team.

Reg. Flock No: WD155 - Ovine Brucellosis Accredited Free Flock No: Y.384
Stud Objectives: To produce sheep suitable for pastoral conditions, that breed and survive in a tough climate and produce a prime lamb.
Sires In Use: Kaya Green 462, Annalara 00314 and Glen Park sires.
Glen Park Dorper & White Dorper Studs

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