Glen Park Whites

Due to the demand for a shedding sheep with extra frame and structural correctness, a line of Ultra White sheep will be bred at Glen Park Stud.

In 2014 Glen Park purchased the top priced ram at the Hillcroft Farms on property Ultra White Sale. Another ram was purchased in 2015. At the 2016 Hillcroft Farms sale a further seven sires were purchased. 

The Ultra White is a shedding breed developed by Dawson Bradford of Hillcroft Farms, that is stabilised at 75% White Dorper and 25% Dorset.

Glen Park joined approximately 1000 White Dorper Ewes to Ultra Whites, to lamb in 2017. 
Currently the Glen Park Whites are carrying 87.5% White Dorper and 12.5% Poll Dorset.

In addition, 50 Pure Bred Ultra White ewes have been purchased and were mated to produce the first purebreds at Glen Park in June 2017. 

For information on Stockscan measurements, used to performance test at Hillcroft Farms see the Stockscan brochure

Pictured below are some of the  Hillcroft Farms Pure Bred Ultra White Sires purchased by Glen Park, (photo taken July 2017).

Below is Ultra White Sire Hillcroft 7207

Glen Park, in conjunction with Bulmar Studs exhibited Pure Ultra Whites in the meat shed at the 2018 Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. The interest was encouraging.

Glen Park will have 8 Pure Ultra White rams and 10 Ultra White/White Dorper composite rams (sired by Hillcroft rams) at the Wudinna sale on Friday 3rd August 2018.
Pictured below are the Pure Ultra White Rams.

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Glen Park Whites

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